SocialRadios Radio Player API

[scd_social_contact_display] SocialRadios is a Radio Station player that allows you to embed them very easily onto your website or your blog. SocialRadios Radio Player API is simple, get to know the parameters we use if you want to set up a Radio Player on your website. If you have a WordPress blog, the WordPress plugin […]

6 new Radio Station for WordPress demo websites

For all of you who want to test SocialRadios, Radio Stations for WordPress, we have installed last version of SocialRadios with those popular WP themes. Player is configured either in the header or footer (Drag&Drop SocialRadios to Social Sticky) with those options. WP Admin/SocialRadios Enable ajax-refresh : activated Fixed […]

92 new SocialRadios player download today !

Today, we are pleased to have nearly 100 SocialRadios player download in one day. We would like to say thank you to all the bloggers that every day choose us. Especially our friends from India. Welcome ! We are working on a new player design for them. Thanks! SocialRadios team. Palo Alto, California and […]

WebRTC P2P audio streaming is on its way.

Learn how standards-based communication in the browser makes new and innovative applications possible. WebRTC – short for Web Real-Time Communications – is a new standard that makes it possible to have a conversation from your Web browser. WebRTC is a communications standard developed by the W3C in close cooperation with the RTCWeb standard developed by the […]

Almost All New Cars Will Be Connected In Five Years

By Jennifer Lane on February 26, 2014 By the end of this decade, 93% of new cars will offer streaming music as part of the built in entertainment system. That’s the prediction of new research out from ABI Research in the UK, which forecasts that global shipments of streaming music enabled automotive infotainment systems will top 66 million by the end […]